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What Founders and Entrepreneurs Say About Christos

“Christos is a real 'swiss army knife' for startups! He has helped with our marketing strategy, our product's user experience and much more.”
Vagelis Christidis, Cofounder/CEO, SmartBot360
“Christos is very encouraging and motivates you during the difficult times by bringing forward that passion you have towards your work.”
Andy Bangash, Founder/CEO, SAPE
“Christos knows the right tools and methods to use and helps you formalize a clear road map for development through a process of engaging discussion and analysis.”
Karl Björnsson, Cofounder/CEO, Hefring LLC
“Christos is the catalyst behind great ideas and at each stage of our project he has brought the necessary experience and expertise to achieve success. I highly recommend him for any entrepreneur who is looking for an experienced guide to help navigate and achieve their vision.”
Shawn Wehan, Cofounder/CEO, Givsum
“Christos has been an amazing business coach and mentor! He has helped us think outside the box and see things that we didn't know were there.”
Carissa Ouellette, Cofounder, LIDI Inc
“Christos was instrumental in designing an app for future release. His UX/UI ideas were spot on and were incorporated into the final work.”
Brian Boynton, Founder/CEO, Ear App
“Christos is the perfect mix of organization, professionalism, fun, and setting the tone for strong human interactions between teams.”
Mikey Ahdoot, Founder/CEO, JamHeart
“Christos ensured that the team had the end vision always in mind, and helped each member focus on their part of the development and stay on task.”
Sandeep Chandran, Senior SW Eng, JamHeart
“Christos keeps his eye on the details, but retains sight of the big picture. He squeezes chaos until order is extracted. Without him, we would not have been able to release our software on time.”
Ben Fraser, Dir Operations, Somadome


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