Build, Grow, and Scale your Startup with Christos

100+ Advisory Engagements in 35+ Countries

Over the past several years, I have collaborated with dozens of entrepreneurship programs around the world, mentoring and consulting founders on how to achieve their product, growth and fundraising goals. I have tackled all possible challenges in a wide variety of situations, working with a broad range of founder personalities, external market realities, and internal team dynamics.

Whether you are launching a new product, growing your team, or looking to become investment-ready for your next round, you will find answers and support in my expertise and desire to help!

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100+ Engagements · 40+ Product Build (0-1) and Growth Projects · $20M+ Early Funding Raised

Startup Consultations | Emerging Humanity

Goals and Outcomes

Startup Strategy and Product Roadmap

Understand your audience. Validate product idea. Fine tune and prioritize your roadmap. Build and launch an MVP. Collect user insights. Launch new features and improve UX. Analyze and iterate.

Go-To-Market and Launch Plans

Define the right business model. Build a comprehensive Go-to-Market strategy. Track the right metrics. Create product-market fit roadmap. Instill a customer-oriented approach in your operations.

Effective Team Processes

Establish the right product development process. Choose appropriate tools. Create an environment of transparency and accountability. Faciliate communication and collaboration. Keep teams engaged, motivated, and productive.

Investment Readiness

Learn how to build and present your business case. Fine tune your investor pitch for your startup stage. Create a powerful pitch deck. Practice your delivery. Improve pitching skills.

Success Stories

Givsum logo


  • Work: Defined product-market-fit strategy, streamlined activation, improved customer support effectiveness
  • Outcome: Record months with 80K MAU and $2M annual GMV. Raised $1M seed

Chapa logo


  • Work: Focused on market traction, improved acquisition and activation for the newly launched product
  • Outcome: 50x revenue growth in 6 months crossing $100K MRR

Jumba logo


  • Work: Defined KPIs and growth experiments, improved customer experience, increased retention and revenue
  • Outcome: $700K in monthly GMV with 70% increase in profit margins. Raised $4.5M

Relay on Demand logo

Relay on Demand

  • Work: Focused on customer journey, identified data patterns, improved acquisition, reduced churn
  • Outcome: 3x revenue growth in one year. Raised $500K crowdfunding

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Engagement Process

  • Step 1: Get on initial call with Christos
  • Step 2: Align on objectives, deliverables, and timeline
  • Step 3: Get results with Christos' deep expertise!


Startup consulting is billed hourly a la carte or with a monthly retainer that helps you manage your budget and save!

Hear from Founders Who Worked with Us

Carissa Ouellette testimonial
“Christos has been an amazing business coach and mentor! He has helped us to think outside of the box and to see things that are right in front of us that we didn't know were there. Christos has also been an amazing accountability measure for the both of us. I cannot put into words how appreciative I am for all that Christos has done for us!”
Carissa Ouellette, Cofounder, LIDI Inc (California)
Juveline Ngum testimonial
“"Strategic Startup Coach" comes to mind when I think about Christos. Since day one I've been impressed with Christos' ability to provide expert mentorship and coaching with international standards and consistently deliver amazing coaching sessions for my personal and professional growth. He would be a great asset for anyone looking for a Startup Strategist that can take Startups to the next level - I highly recommend him!”
Juveline Ngum, Founder/CEO, BleagLee (Cameroon)
Inonge Imasiku testimonial
“Christos and I worked together during my mentorship program with Seedstars. He played a vital role in our business growth, coached us on product development and sales, and helped us to create robust operational processes. He has good analytical skills and was very instrumental in helping our business thrive. I highly recommend his expertise.”
Inonge Imasiku, Founder/CEO, Mangwee Payment Systems (Zambia)
Mikey Ahdoot testimonial
“Christos is the perfect mix of organization, professionalism, fun, and setting the tone for strong human interactions between teams. He did a fantastic job organizing tasks, todos, and building rapport with a remote team. Also went out of his way to help a friend with advice, he genuinely cares about others around him. Highly recommended :)”
Mikey Ahdoot, Founder/CEO, JamHeart (California)

About Christos

Startup Builder | Product Leader | Dreamer

I have more than two decades in entrepreneurship as a (co)founder, business consultant, and mentor, helping startups launch products, gain market traction and raise capital. My goal is to support companies that combine market success with social good. I also help the founder be a better entrepreneur and evolve as the company grows. I look forward to working with you!

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SeedStars, Mentor
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ADEI, Program Manager
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Venture Garden, Mentor
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Faster Capital, Mentor

I help tech entrepreneurs build & scale effective organizations and impactful products

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Why Hire a Startup Consultant

Startup Consultants Bring In Industry-Specific Expertise

Build Startup Strategy and Roadmap / Follow Trends and Best Practices / Use the Right Tools / Build and Manage Efficient Teams / Analyze Competitive Environment / Address Customer Pain Points

A Startup Consultant Works Together With CEO and Team Leaders

Collaborate with CEO and Management / Consult and Guide Implementation / Define Metrics and Set Goals / Monitor Results and Adjust Strategies

Startup Consultants Know How to Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Identify Customer Pain Points and Key Motivators / Create Feedback Loops and Engagement Strategies / Ensure Customer Success

Hiring a Startup Consultant Pays Off Quickly

Avoid the Cost of Hiring a Full-Time Employee / Get Tangible Results / Decide Exactly What Type of Guidance You Want / No Hidden Costs

Benefits of Working with Christos

Deep Expertise and Expert Guidance at a Fraction of the Cost

As a Product and Growth Consultant, Christos partners with the CEO and company leadership to:

Build product strategy and roadmap
Streamline processes and improve delivery times
Improve communication between leaders and execution team
Increase customer satisfaction

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What is a startup consultant?

A startup consultant is an expert who can objectively see what a business is struggling with, evaluate the depth of its challenges, and assist entrepreneurs and CEOs to overcome those issues. They bring in critical expertise and have many success stories throughout their career, making their role invaluable to any startup looking to launch new products and grow their company.

When should I consider hiring a startup consultant?

You should consider hiring a startup consultant if:

What are the most important things to look for when I'm looking to hire a startup consultant?

The main things to consider when hiring a startup consultant are experience, expertise, availability, and price.

What are the responsibilities of a startup consultant?

The main responsibilities of a startup consultant revolve around operations and strategy. They will guide and mentor key personnel, conduct appraisals, analyze data and give recommendationss, provide insight, adjust strategies, plans, and goals. Their type of engagement with your company will, of course, depend on your exact needs, startup stage, and the availability of resources (funding, materials, teams).

What are the benefits of hiring a product and growth consultant?

A consultant will keep you motivated and accountable for everything you do or don't do. They will ensure you see projects through to the end an you use industry best practices to achieve success. Here are some additional benefits:

What are the downsides of using a product and growth consultant?

How long before I see the results when hiring a startup consultant?

Startup consultants are highly experienced individuals who are focused on delivering results quickly and efficiently. It's likely that they are formulating a plan during your initial conversation and already have some checkpoints and suggestions in mind. You may expect to see increased performance within the first month of hiring a product and growth consultant. Depending on where you are at the moment, and where they get to jump in, you may increase your speed to market and growth rates 2-3x with their help.

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