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First Rule: You Must Take Precautions to Keep Your Startup From Failing Before and After It is Launched

  • You recognize your potential, but you are having trouble pushing forward
  • You need capital to execute your plan and you are having trouble finding funding
  • You have goals and numerous to-do's and you have a hard time prioritizing effectively
  • You are aware of how many startups fail, which is why you want to get off to a good start
  • You are looking for guidance that can help you and your startup become the next success story
  • You are struggling with developing a comprehensive action plan that will ensure you and your team generate results

Decision making, problem solving, product development, and market activities, become challenging when you have so much on your plate. Does this ring a bell?

Your Startup Needs a Customized Plan, Accountability, and Support to Help It Get Where It Needs to Be

After more than two decades of experience in entrepreneurship as a (co) founder, business consultant, and mentor I can easily tell when a startup is prone to poor planning, lack of understanding of customer needs, failure to differentiate a product or service from others currently on the market, ineffective execution, problematic team coordination, and failure to learn from mistakes.

Time runs differently for startups. Entrepreneurs and their teams feel like they are in a warped dimension where there aren't enough hours in the day, and months just fly by. And yet, the work keeps piling up, and no one can help but think they are constantly wasting time.

Is Our Coaching Right for You?

In startups, everything sits on the shoulders of the founding team. The strengths and weaknesses of the entrepreneur dictate the company's journey.

For that reason, successful startups need founders that combine business savvy with a strong foundation and can handle the challenges of the entrepreneurial journey.

Getting guidance can mean the difference between launching a successful startup and burning through your funding with zero return.

Our coaching will give you the cold, hard truths and the right kind of support to push you forward.

Leverage our Expertise and Get on the Road to Success!

Use our step-by-step process to:

  • Prepare a Powerful Business Case and Pitch Deck
  • Raise Angel, Seed, or Series A Funding
  • Develop your Product and Get Market Traction
  • Prepare for Scale and Growth
Startup Stages | Emerging Humanity

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Emerging Humanity Helps Entrepreneurs Raise Money, Grow Their Businesses, and Get the Help They Need







We are committed to supporting entrepreneurs from developing countries and under-represented communities



Christos Kritikos

Startup Strategist | Product Expert | Dreamer

I have more than two decades in entrepreneurship as a (co)founder, business consultant, and mentor, helping startups launch products, get market traction and raise capital. My goal is to support companies that combine market success with social good. Coaching is also about helping the founder be a better entrepreneur and evolve as the company grows. I look forward to working with you!

What is Your Current Business Goal?

Pitch Deck and Funding | Emerging Humanity

Pitch Deck and Funding

Create a Winning Pitch Deck and Pursue Angel, Seed or Series A Funding
Product Development | Emerging Humanity

Product Development

Define your Product Roadmap, Organize your Team, and Manage the Dev Process
Market Fit and Growth | Emerging Humanity | Image #31901797 at VectorStock.com

Market Fit and Growth

Streamline your Business Activities, Find Product-Market Fit, and Scale

Our world is experiencing accelerated changes through the introduction of disruptive new technologies. More and more people leave the security of employment to become entrepreneurs and start their own companies. Will your business stand out, outperform and succeed?

Join the 100+ Startups that Have Leveraged Christos' Expertise and Taken Their Business to The Next Level

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Use Our Coaching to...

Get Expert Guidance

Leverage First-Hand Experience

Address Blind Spots

Eliminate Self-Sabotage and Upper Limits

Reduce Trial & Error

Save Time, Resources and Frustration

Get on the Road to Success

Build your Skills and Mindset

Hear from Founders who Worked with Us

Carissa Ouellette testimonial
“Christos has been an amazing business coach and mentor! He has helped us think outside the box and see things that we didn't know were there.”
Carissa Ouellette, Cofounder, LIDI Inc
Darrell Pickens testimonial
“Christos' mentoring has been an instrumental part to helping me grow. His incredibly insightful questions and thoughts provoke me to think at a higher level in a way that drives progress.”
Darrell Pickens, Founder/CEO, Relay on Demand
Vagelis Christidis testimonial
“Christos is a real 'swiss army knife' for startups! He has helped with our marketing strategy, our product's user experience and much more.”
Vagelis Christidis, Cofounder/CEO, SmartBot360
Cathy Sartorio testimonial
“Christos offered clear guidance and efficient tools to get to the heart of a startup's needs. I really appreciate his attentive listening and the clarity of his responses adapted to the audience needs.”
Cathy Sartorio, Entrepreneur
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See our Simple Coaching Process

  • 1. Complete a short startup questionnaire
  • 2. Schedule a no-strings discovery call with Christos
  • 3. Receive valuable insights and suggestions
  • 4. Decide to continue and get results!
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Become The Hero of Your Startup and Guide It to Success!

Raise Capital 路 Get Market Traction 路 Grow Your Startup

You Want to Attract More Clients and Help Your Startup Succeed, But You Lack funds, Guidance, or A Solid Plan


Create a Great Product

Understand your audience. Validate ideas. Fine tune and prioritize your roadmap. Manage with the right tools. Communicate clearly with cross-functional teams.

Captivate the Market

Define the right business model. Built a comprehensive Go-to-Market strategy. Launch with a bang. Create your product-market fit roadmap. Instill a customer-oriented approach in your company's foundation.

Fundraise like a veteran

Build a strong business case. Create a solid pitch deck. Find and connect with the right type of investors. Demonstrate your company's profit and impact potential. Deliver a great pitch.

Build a Team that rocks

Attract the right people. Find and work with cofounder(s). Manage distributed teams. Set clear expectations. Keep people engaged and motivated. Generate buy-in and excitement. Nurture a strong company culture.

Make a friend of Organization

Setup an environment of transparency and accountability. Define clear roles & responsibilities. Align dev and business processes. Coordinate the efforts. Manage effectively.

Stretch your Limits and Shine

Strengthen your personal leadership. Identify and tackle blind spots. Take the right risks. Be the badass that you are. Set an example. Become the inspiration.

Raise Capital 路 Get Market Traction 路 Grow Your Startup

Timing is everything! Nobody has time to waste.

We believe that time is more valuable than any other resource or skill on earth, which is why we are here: to help you get ahead without wasting time.

Things are very simple and clear. Reach out to us, and let's come up with a strong step by step plan. Then we start working on it and get results.

Let's embark on a journey that will help your company thrive!

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Emerging Humanity three core elements

Mindful Entrepreneurship

We support founders on a mission to improve our world

  • Holistic approach to each startup and founder
  • Social responsibility and impact as measures of success
  • Mindful leadership as foundation for company growth
  • Proactive mission-driven methodology
  • Focus on developing countries and under-represented communities

Fulfilling a mission is about alignment. Between strategy, roadmap and team.

It is also about strength. The strength to stay focused & committed, to face challenges & market realities, to break through limitations.

Emerging Humanity supports you in being your best!


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