Coaching and Resources for fundraising and growth

Emerging Humanity provides coaching and resources that help entrepreneurs build successful companies

Use our step-by-step process to:

  • Prepare a Powerful Business Case and Pitch Deck
  • Raise Angel, Seed, or Series A Funding
  • Develop your Product and Get Market Traction
  • Handle the Challenges of Entrepreneurship


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Emerging Humanity three core elements

Mindful Entrepreneurship

We support founders on a mission to improve our world

  • Holistic approach to each startup and founder
  • Social responsibility and impact as measures of success
  • Mindful leadership as foundation for company growth
  • Proactive mission-driven methodology
  • Focus on developing countries and under-represented communities

Fulfilling a mission is about alignment. Between strategy, roadmap and team.

It is also about strength. The strength to stay focused & committed, to face challenges & market realities, to break through limitations.

Emerging Humanity supports you in being your best!

Hi, I am Christos

I am the founder of Emerging Humanity

My goal is to help entrepreneurs build companies that align with their personal values and our collective needs.

Entrepreneurship can be a powerful catalyst for economic development and prosperity. At the same time, technology allows this activity to take place in any part of society and the world. This presents a wonderful opportunity for all of us!

But it is not only about the idea or the company. Successful startups need founders that have a strong foundation themselves. We offer coaching & resources that support entrepreneurs on their journey.

Entrepreneurship is a path, not a destination. With Emerging Humanity's support, you can improve your skills and make better decisions.

We help entrepreneurs build successful startups

Our Coaching Services

Take your Startup to the Next Level

Pitch Deck and Funding | Emerging Humanity

Pitch Deck and Funding

Create a Winning Pitch Deck and Pursue Angel, Seed or Series A Funding
Pitch Deck and Funding
Product Development | Emerging Humanity

Product Development

Define your Product Roadmap, Organize your Team, and Manage the Dev Process
Product Development
Market Fit and Growth | Emerging Humanity | Image #31901797 at

Market Fit and Growth

Organize your Business Activities, Find Product-Market Fit, and Scale
Market Fit and Growth
Alex Tanti testimonial
“Christos approaches his work like a proud craftsman, really taking the time to understand the issues and objectives, and putting his whole heart and soul into helping us deliver true value to our clients.”
Alex Tanti, Cofounder/CEO, Racecheck

Carissa Ouellette testimonial
“Christos has been an amazing business coach and mentor! He has helped us think outside the box and see things that we didn't know were there.”
Carissa Ouellette, Cofounder, LIDI Inc







Emerging Humanity is committed to supporting entrepreneurs from developing countries and under-represented communities


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We help entrepreneurs build successful companies!