What Founders and Entrepreneurs Say About Christos

Chinwe Owhorji-Arowolo testimonial
“Being mentored and coached by Christos over a 3-month period was one of the best things that happened to my company. What I find particularly fascinating about him is the patience and the time taken to actually understand the nature of your business. He was able to create a "safe zone" for learning and growing without judgements. He helped me get into the headspace of a typical investor to get my company ready. He also helped keep me on track with my metrics and supported me in the development of the confidence I needed to pitch my company. Working with him was indeed a life-changing experience and anyone would be lucky to have him in their corner.”

Chinwe Owhorji-Arowolo, Founder/CEO, Farm Innovation Nigeria (Nigeria)

Terry Crandall testimonial
“Christos is a straightforward and caring mentor with a valuable perspective and a great deal of business acumen. His customer-first approach and keen eye for detail make him an incredible advisor on product development and market fit. His passion, experience, and ability to listen all while cutting through the noise has helped make VotingSmarter a better company and helped me be a better leader and entrepreneur.”

Terry Crandall, Founder/CEO, VotingSmarter (California)

Sepenica Darko testimonial
“Christos Kritikos was my EiR and Mentor for the Women Entrepreneurship for Africa (WE4A) program and working with him was amazing. Christos grasp of the Africa Ecosystem was astonishing and a surprise to me. Working with him on my startup - FarmerTribe operations and customer structuring, developing systems and automation of certain processes. This past 3 months of working with Christos has been a real game changer for my team and I. He went above and beyond to support me every step of the way and we made it to the growth stage of the programme due to his support. I feel more confident about growth of FarmerTribe, thanks to Christos's guidance, and I will always recommend Christos to any company interested in working with him.”

Sepenica Darko, Founder/CEO, FarmerTribe (Ghana)

Carissa Ouellette testimonial
“Christos has been an amazing business coach and mentor! My husband and I help coach and mentor others on a daily basis, however we have never had someone to do that for us. Ever since we began working with Christos he has helped us to see things differently (in a great way!). He has helped us to think outside of the box and to see things that are right in front of us that we didn't know were there. Christos has also been an amazing accountability measure for the both of us. At times we get caught up in our daily lives and day jobs and Christos holds us accountable to the weekly goals we set for ourselves to keep us on track, and if ever we get off track he nudges us back in the right direction. I cannot put into words how appreciative I am for all that Christos has done for us!”

Carissa Ouellette, Cofounder, LIDI Inc (California)

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Princess Adeyinka Tekenah testimonial
“It was such a pleasure having Christos as my EIR at the WE4A Programme powered by Seedstars for Safeem. It was a 3-month program that was very intensive. Christos took his role very seriously. Our meeting was very practical. He was always willing to assist in refining our thought process. He helped me in particular reframe the outlook of my startup. In all, I got selected for the Growth Program . To add, he is very knowledgeable about his role in guidance of major metrics required to support entrepreneurial strides. Thank you once again.”

Princess Adeyinka Tekenah, Founder/CEO, Happy Coffee (Nigeria)

Shawn Wehan testimonial
“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Christos. As an entrepreneur, I have a very distinct idea in my mind as to what our product is going to look like and how it’s going to operate. Without a strong product manager and coach, execution simply isn’t possible. Christos is the catalyst behind great ideas and at each stage of our project he has brought the necessary experience and expertise to achieve success. Best of all, Christos approaches projects with curiosity, a little humor and a ton of conviction. Since working with Christos, our production output has doubled in speed, our milestones have been surpassed, and our customers have responded with repeated usage and organic growth. Christos is motivating in one-to-one settings and also works well as a core team member. I highly recommend Christos for any entrepreneur who is looking for an experienced guide to help navigate and achieve their vision.”

Shawn Wehan, Cofounder/CEO, Givsum (California)

Inna Widjajanti testimonial
“It is a blessing to have Christos as our mentor in the UN Women Care Accelerator. He is very keen to see opportunities and an expert in simplifying complicated things so that they are easy to be understood. He is very supportive and always raises our energy level. We have made remarkable progress from his mentorship.”

Inna Widjajanti, Founder/CEO, Angels & I Educare (Indonesia)

Juveline Ngum testimonial
“"Strategic Startup Coach" comes to mind when I think about Christos. I've had the pleasure of working with him for the last 3 months, during which he has helped me arrive at solutions to my business challenges at a much faster rate than doing this by myself. Since day one I've been impressed with Christos' ability to provide expert mentorship and coaching with international standards and consistently deliver amazing coaching sessions for my personal and professional growth. He would be a great asset for anyone looking for a Startup Strategist that can take Startups to the next level - I highly recommend him!”

Juveline Ngum, Founder/CEO, BleagLee (Cameroon)

Samer Bawab testimonial
“My team and I here at eFlow worked directly with Christos for several months as he was our assigned mentor for the PHRD Seedstars program that we were selected for. Christos was able to add tremendous value to our efforts in trying to grow our edtech startup as we focused on mobile learning for learners around the world. Christos brought his expertise and skills to help us manage internal projects more effectively and streamlined our sales process by identifying gaps where we could improve. In addition, Christos gave us very helpful and constructive feedback on our investment deck which will help us raise funds and allow eFlow to scale further. Christos is also very data and detail-focused and was always holding us accountable for tasks and assignments that he gave us. I would highly recommend Christos to any startup that is looking for a motivated and positive mentor who can help give you an outside-looking perspective and make an impact.”

Samer Bawab, Cofounder, eFlow (UAE)

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Darrell Pickens testimonial
“Christos, your mentoring has been an instrumental part to helping me grow. Your incredibly insightful questions and thoughts provoke me to think at a higher level. I truly appreciate your ability to explore a range of topics and then be able to organize the resulting thoughts and ideas succinctly in a way that drives progress. Thank you and you have my highest recommendation as a mentor.”

Darrell Pickens, Founder/CEO, Relay on Demand (California)

Alice Lo testimonial
“As our insightful mentor, Christos helped our startup Divao get 1st place in Seedstars' first Digital Democracy Hackathon. Immediately grasping the essence of our blockchain-supported product, Christos provided deep, to-the-point insights for every slide of our pitch deck, directly contributing to our win. We are so honored to have him as our mentor!”

Alice Lo, Cofounder, Divao (Hong Kong)

Karl Björnsson testimonial
“Working with Christos really helped us to better define our requirements and to map up all the relevant features of our solution ahead of moving into development. Christos knows the right tools and methods to use and helps you formalize a clear road map for development through a process of engaging discussion and analysis. I certainly hope to work with Christos again.”

Karl Björnsson, Cofounder/CEO, Hefring LLC (Iceland)

Achraf Aouadi testimonial
“I've learned a lot from Christos's mentoring sessions. He asks challenging questions and actively thinks with you in order to improve your strategies and action plans. Would love to do it again with him!”

Achraf Aouadi, Founder/CEO, Wildyness (Tunisia)

Inonge Imasiku testimonial
“Christos and I worked together during my mentorship program with Seedstars. He played a vital role in our business growth, coached us on product development and sales, and helped us to create robust operational processes. He has good analytical skills and was very instrumental in helping our business thrive. I highly recommend his expertise.”

Inonge Imasiku, Founder/CEO, Mangwee Payment Systems (Zambia)

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Olamide Ayeni-Babajide testimonial
“One of the few mentors who give their all to the growth of their mentee. Christos became my mentor during the Women for Africa Entrepreneurship program, and he made the journey easy for me. Being an entrepreneur himself, he understands the bends and bumps and comes with proven ways to navigate around it. His experience, commendable. His dedication, unfailing.”

Olamide Ayeni-Babajide, Founder/CEO, Pearl Recycling (Nigeria)

Alex Tanti testimonial
“My few weeks with Christos were highly educational, opening my eyes to what a real product development process looks like, saving us a ton of time and cash. His approach to his work is like a proud craftsman, really taking the time to understand the issues and objectives, and putting his whole heart and soul into helping us deliver true value to our clients. Forever grateful!”

Alex Tanti, Cofounder/CEO, Racecheck (UK)

Anneta Zafeiroudi testimonial
“I had the pleasure of attending one of Christos' startup bootcamps. It contained for me as entrepreneur, useful concepts and hands-on exercises that were explained and presented in an easy to understand manner. I truly recommend Christos and his program to anyone interested in startups. It is the best investment you can make for yourself and your business!”

Anneta Zafeiroudi, Owner, Anneta's House (Greece)

Mikey Ahdoot testimonial
“Christos is the perfect mix of organization, professionalism, fun, and setting the tone for strong human interactions between teams. He did a fantastic job organizing tasks, todos, and building rapport with a remote team. Also went out of his way to help a friend with advice, he genuinely cares about others around him. Highly recommended :)”

Mikey Ahdoot, Founder/CEO, JamHeart (California)

David Silva testimonial
“Christos is the person who comes to mind when I think of the word “mentor”. He gives personalized, thoughtful, and honest guidance. His veteran insights help you pinpoint and focus on paths to success that are hidden in plain sight.”

David Silva, Cofounder/CEO, Yrbookit (California)

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Vagelis Christidis testimonial
“Christos is a real "Swiss army knife" for startups! He has been helping on several aspects, including helping to build a high-conversion Web site. He also helped with our marketing strategy, our product's user experience and much more. Christos is very organized and effective. He becomes productive from day one as he very quickly gets up-to-speed even on topics where he has limited prior experience. He is great at delegating work to others, when he feels that this would be more cost-effective for the company. Christos has been invaluable for our company.”

Vagelis Christidis, Cofounder/CEO, SmartBot360 (California)

Andy Bangash testimonial
“I am honored to write a recommendation for Christos. Christos is not only an awesome mentor he became a dear in a short amount of time. He is dedicated towards helping me expand my startup. Our weekly meetings always drive me to achieve the goals and tasks I set for myself during the meeting. Christos sends me a copy of the meeting summary so I can cross check all the information we discussed during the meeting. This is great because I am able to stay on top of my work and this allows us to discuss new progress while reviewing the previous set goals. Christos is very encouraging and does not motivate you by selling you your own idea. He motivates you by bringing forward that passion you have towards your work during the difficult times. I give my highest recommendations and want to share that he is certainly a great person.”

Andy Bangash, Founder/CEO, SAPE (California)

Rebecca Amoo testimonial
“There is nothing like having a mentor that is always willing to go all the way just to ensure you succeed! This was my experience with Christos Kritikos for these past 3 months as my EIR during the WE4A Accelerator program. And so I wasn't surprised when my colleagues & I in his cluster made twice the program average of selected entrepreneurs for the growth program. Christos' selfless commitment & robust experience would inspire & spur anyone to greatness. Thanks so much again, I appreciate all your help & continuous support.”

Rebecca Amoo, Founder/CEO, Africa Wealth Initiative (Nigeria)

Kevin Osorno testimonial
“Christos has been my startup coach for over six months and of all the mentors I have had over the years, he is the most energetic and enthusiastic I have had the pleasure of sharing ideas with. His passion for my progress each week and his jovial mood are empowering. He is exceptionally responsive to my messages and concerns, while being firm and open about my shortcomings. Most notable about Christos is his attention to detail: he takes meticulous notes of our weekly calls, shares them with me, and is clear about my next steps and his corresponding advice. I could not have asked for a better startup coach!”

Kevin Osorno, Founder/CEO, Neoboard (California)

Cathy Sartorio testimonial
“I had the opportunity a few weeks ago to participate in a week-long entrepreneurship bootcamp by Christos Kritikos. The content was clear, contained a lot of relevant information and focused on specific highlights to develop the right strategy to create a startup from an idea. Christos offered clear guidance and efficient tools to get to the heart of a startup's needs. I really appreciate Christos' attentive listening and the clarity of his responses adapted to the audience needs. I came away from this week of daily webinars walking with a slight bounce in my step and the chest out! Thank you Christos for this great week with an expert guide by my side.”

Cathy Sartorio, Entrepreneur (France)

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Ayisha Affo Souleymane testimonial
“Christos was my Entrepreneur-in-Residence for the Women Entrepreneurship 4 Africa Acceleration Program under SAFEEM/Seedstars for 12 weeks. He is an absolute gem who would add immense value to any team that is privileged to work with him. With skills ranging from Design Thinking to Strategy and Product Management, I would say Christos is an asset in today’s tech and entrepreneurial world. Definitely recommend him!!!!”

Ayisha Affo Souleymane, Founder/CEO, EFUOM (Ghana)

Brian Boynton testimonial
“Christos was extremely professional and is very friendly. He was instrumental in designing an app for future release. His UX/UI ideas were spot on and were incorporated into the final work. I will use his services again for our next project.”

Brian Boynton, Founder/CEO, Ear App (California)

Jocelyne Agbo testimonial
“Christos was very insightful, always ready to help and paid attention to details. He was an amazing EiR to work with.”

Jocelyne Agbo, Founder/CEO, Farm On Wheels (Nigeria)

Sandeep Chandran testimonial
“Christos was an excellent mentor and team manager for Jamheart. He ensured that the team had the end vision always in mind, and helped each member focus on their part of the development and stay on task for the current module. As I was new to the development process, he took extra time to guide me through it, was always a wonderful resource and a great reference for me.”

Sandeep Chandran, Senior SW Eng, JamHeart (California)

Ben Fraser testimonial
“Christos keeps his eye on the details, but retains sight of the big picture. He squeezes chaos until order is extracted. Christos was always more than willing to stretch the boundaries of his job description, whether that meant meeting with customers, or getting involved with the hardware side of our business. Without him, we would not have been able to release our software on time, which would have delayed the release of our entire product.”

Ben Fraser, Dir Operations, Somadome (California)


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