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Our Mission

Emerging Humanity's mission is to
Promote economic development and prosperity by providing educational products and coaching services that help entrepreneurs build successful companies.

Vision Statement

Emerging Humanity provides educational products and coaching services
that help founders, entrepreneurs and early-stage startups
tackle startup chaos, gain market traction, and become fundable.

Emerging Humanity encourages entrepreneurs to learn the methodology & tools
so they can thrive on their own.
“Humanity needs new metrics of business success.
'Impact' is the golden standard of the new era.
How much benefit we bring, how many lives we improve.”

Our Story

By Christos Kritikos

I had been working with small business and startups for numerous years and I felt something was off. I would see many companies taking wrong turns despite their best intentions. Even when they didn't, the results were not always to the satisfaction of the founders or to the benefit of the customer (individually) or society (collectively).

Things don't always turn out as desired!

The factor that stood out to me (and that I felt I could do something about) was the tendency to get off track. Most founders had a vision but they would get overwhelmed by execution hurdles and day-to-day tasks. The commitment to the vision would slowly erode, things would get more reactive (to market, investors, logistics, human factors, life) instead of proactive, and the company would end up very far from where they intended to go.

Is there a better way?

My idea was quite simple. If the vision is carried along all the way to the daily tasks, if even the nitty-gritty is somehow connected back to the vision, then it is easier to stay the course. Naturally, the implementation was more complicated because there were many moving pieces. I used my experience (and numerous hard-learned lessons) to connect the dots between various industry practices that were separated by big gaps. I bridged those gaps, combined everything into a methodology that goes from big picture to everyday action items in a systematic way, then iterated a few times, testing and adjusting. The result was worth it!

It actually works!

What started as a passion project has been steadily growing into a thriving business. Founders love the idea, it resonates with them. They also love the methodology, it helps them clarify their vision, identify what they want to do, and distill these into an action plan that they feel good about. It serves as a compass that keeps business activity tethered to the vision and the company aligned with its higher purpose!

Creating and launching a company is hard. Emerging Humanity supports founders in walking the path and feeling proud about the outcome.

Christos Kritikos

About Christos  

Christos Kritikos is a US-based startup coach/mentor, product expert, speaker and dreamer, who is passionate about entrepreneurship and its potential to bring economic development and prosperity. He has participated in several companies, consulted dozens of clients, and mentored numerous founders helping with the growing pains of startups. His education includes a M.S. in Computer Science (UCLA, Fulbright Scholar) and certifications in Design Thinking, Product Management, Brand Management and Product Marketing. He combines these with 25+ years of personal development work into a methodology that treats mindfulness and inner balance as cornerstones for building a successful company. Christos coaches & mentors both independently and through accelerators. He is an EIR for the Federal SBDC program, a mentor for NSF I-Corps, and a contributor at innovation initiatives around the world. He has a passion for the convergence of technology and humanity, and advocates mindful entrepreneurship that aligns with our personal integrity and our collective needs. He specializes in consumer-facing products & services in fields like health & wellness, education, travel & hospitality, economic development, social impact, and lifestyle. He is a world traveler, a Zen practitioner, and a dark chocolate connoisseur!

Karl Björnsson testimonial
“Christos knows the right tools and methods to use and helps you formalize a clear road map for development through a process of engaging discussion and analysis.”
Karl Björnsson, Cofounder/CEO, Hefring LLC

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Vagelis Christidis testimonial
“Christos is a real 'swiss army knife' for startups! He has helped with our marketing strategy, our product's user experience and much more.”
Vagelis Christidis, Cofounder/CEO, SmartBot360

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