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Emerging Humanity provides resources and services that help early stage startups build products that align with their vision of a better world.

Technology and Innovation are not the fruit of intangible forces. Products are created by companies and developed by teams. These are run and managed by humans who have a vision of bringing something to the world.

Fulfilling the vision is about alignment. The strategy has to align. The roadmap has to align. The team has to align. The values of the executives have to align.

Fulfilling the vision is also about strength. The strength to stay true, focused and committed. The strength to face adversity and market realities. The strength to rise above our human demons and to break through our human limitations.

Emerging Humanity makes sure you are your best!

Planting the Seeds Of

Mindful Product Development

Emerging Humanity three core elements


"Emerging Humanity"

The term represents the belief that technology & humanity are intertwined and interdependent. It assesses innovation not in a tech vacuum but in relation to humans & our living environment aligning with the ideas of sustainability, thick value and mindfulness.

  • A term for the way humanity is evolving in a technology world
  • An initiative that explores innovative technologies and their impact on our life
  • A mindful and human-centric approach to designing & delivering technology products
“The new model for humanity is inclusivity.
All parts, animate and inanimate, coexist; there is no us versus them.
Our products and our companies have to embrace this.”

Hi, I am Christos

I am the founder of Emerging Humanity

My goal is to help people launch products that align with their personal values and our collective needs.

At Emerging Humanity we believe that successful companies are nurtured by founders that have a strong foundation themselves. We provide tools and resources to educate, guide, and support them on their entrepreneurial journey.

Our current offerings include group classes and workshops, individualized coaching and consulting, and hands-on implementation on a case-by-case basis.

Entrepreneurship is a path, not a destination. You can improve your skills and stay in the know by using Emerging Humanity's tools and methodology.

We help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality!


Christos Kritikos Coaching
Receive Guidance Tailored to Your Needs
  • Get personal attention and stay on track working with us either directly or as part of an accelerator, university, innovation fund, or community program.

Christos Kritikos Teaching
Learn the Skills and Master the Tools
  • Turbocharge your entrepreneurial skills & knowledge and go from idea to market with our step-by-step workshops, bootcamps and online classes.

“Christos has been an amazing business coach and mentor! He has helped us think outside the box and see things that we didn't know were there.”
Carissa Ouellette, Cofounder, LIDI Inc

“Christos is the perfect mix of organization, professionalism, fun, and setting the tone for strong human interactions between teams.”
Mikey Ahdoot, Founder/CEO, JamHeart

This is for you if

  • You are a first-time entrepreneur and you don't know where to start
  • You have a tech idea/product/startup but you are mainly a business person
  • You want to define your product in a structured methodical way
  • You have limited time & money and want to ensure it is spent wisely
  • You worry about communicating effectively with investors
  • You want to build a prototype or MVP but you "don't speak tech"
  • You need to get to market or achieve product-market fit
  • You like learning new tricks and having aces up your sleeve

We will help you

  • Organize the startup chaos and establish an action plan
  • Create exec summary and pitch deck to communicate your idea to investors
  • Define your product's roadmap and Go-to-Market strategy
  • Create product specs, UX/UI design, and wireframes
  • Prototype and develop your product
  • Approach the market in a methodical data-driven way
  • Use simple tools to stay on top of things
  • Gain confidence, achieve product-market fit, generate results!

The Emerging Humanity Advantage

Christos Kritikos

About Christos  

Christos Kritikos is a US-based technologist & dreamer who loves to connect the dots between market, design and engineering. He has participated in several companies, consulted for dozens of clients, and mentored numerous founders helping with the growing pains of startups. His education includes a M.S. in Computer Engineering (UCLA) and certifications in Design Thinking, Product Management, Brand Management and Product Marketing. He combines these with 25+ years of personal development work into a methodology that treats mindfulness, inner balance, moral strength, and personal values as cornerstones of building a successful company. He is passionate about products & services in fields like health & wellness, education, social impact, travel & hospitality, sustainability and lifestyle. He is a world traveler, a Zen practitioner, and a dark chocolate connoisseur!


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