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Fundraising and Growth for Visionary Tech Startups

Thank You for Your Interest in Coaching With Christos!

We help visionary tech entrepreneurs refine strategy, product and operations for fundraising and growth

This is How Our Goal-Driven Coaching Works:

  • Step 1: Collect information and perform initial assessment
  • Step 2: Align on objectives and timeline (usually a few months)
  • Step 3: Map out action plan, metrics/KPIs, and related goals
  • Step 4: Implement, measure, adjust, repeat!

There are two options for the implementation: (a) It can be done by you and your team with minimal hands-on from our end or (b) It can be a joint effort with Christos engaging as a fractional executive. Either way we walk the path together!

Our Coaching is Based On "Co-Creation"

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Prefer to Do-It-Yourself? Visit the Startup Success Guide
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