"Emerging Humanity"

Emerging Humanity three core elements


The term represents the belief that technology & humanity are intertwined and interdependent. It assesses innovation not in a tech vacuum but in relation to humans & our living environment aligning with the ideas of sustainability, thick value and spirituality.

  • A term for the way humanity is evolving in a technology world
  • An initiative that explores innovative technologies and their impact on our life
  • A human-centric approach to designing & delivering technology products



  • Startup Mentoring
  • Product Management
  • Founder Coaching


  • Keynote Lectures
  • Panel Participation
  • Workshop Presentations


  • Digital Initiatives
  • Accelerator Programs
  • Innovation Projects


Christos Kritikos

About Christos  

Christos Kritikos is a California-based technologist & dreamer who loves to connect the dots between market, design and engineering. He has participated in several companies, consulted for dozens of clients, and ran numerous tech projects defining strategy, designing solutions and leading engineers, creative teams, marketing campaigns, and operations. His education includes a M.S. in Computer Engineering and certifications in Design Thinking, Product Management, Brand Management and Product Marketing. He is passionate about products & services that enhance our life in fields like health & wellness, education, agriculture, economic development, travel, retail, hospitality, entertainment, and lifestyle. He is a world traveler, a Zen practitioner, and a dark chocolate connoisseur!